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BioMarine 2008

BioMarine 2008

Une vision maritime européenne dans le monde BioMarine: http://www.biomarine.org

est une initiative mondiale unique regroupant entreprises, scientifiques, gouvernements et société civile et qui vise à faire émerger des solutions pour le développement durable des océans. La première édition de BioMarine:

http://www.biomarine.org aura lieu à Toulon:http://www.congresneptune.com/welcome.htm

et à Marseille:http://www.parc-chanot.com

du 20 au 24 octobre 2008 autour des thèmes suivants :

  • sécurité maritime

  • - pollution et prévention

  • - environnement et énergie

  • - biodiversité et ressources halieutiques

  • - multimodalité, ports et transport maritime

  • Une plus grande coordination entre secteurs d'activités, des interactions plus nombreuses entre scientifiques, politiques et société civile sont aujourd'hui nécessaires pour l'émergence de solutions innovantes. ''080205 DNH'' ''Our interactions with the sea are more intense, diverse, and rewarding than ever before. The challenges of our use of the sea are also growing rapidly. With pressure rising, the human relationship with the seas and oceans is at a crossroads. On the one hand, technology and knowledge enable us to better exploit sea resources and more more people settle on coasts to use these resources. On the other hand, the cumulated effect of all these activities generates use conflicts and damages the marine environment on which everything else depends. An integrated maritime policy will strengthen our ability to face up to globalization and competitiveness, to climate change, and to damage to the marine environment, as well as to energy security and to the durable use of natural resources. It will permit us to identify the security and safety conditions that are needed to continue and maintain these activities. An integrated policy must be based on excellence in the fields of research, technology and sea innovation. In October 2008, France, Europe, and the rest of the world will meet in Marseille and Toulon at BioMarine, the event which has been placed on the agenda of the 2008 European Union French Presidency.'' Pierre ERWES, President and Founder, BIOMARINE.